Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hey guys! My name is Ashley Kontor and I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance. I am taking Entomology 115 because I needed another elective and I wanted to take a class that was interesting. One of my friends that had previously taken this class had mentioned to me that this was a great class because it was interesting and used hands on learning to teach the material. I am so glad I took this class because I have actually found it very interesting! At first, I was worried since bugs are my favorite thing but I soon learned that I didn't mind them as much as I thought. After taking this course, I can now properly name different types of bugs and identify the class that they belong too. The main topic that I found very interesting to learn about during this course is the differences between the systems of a human and insect. Overall, I have really enjoyed this class and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun way of learning about something interesting. It is a great course with very good professors!

--Ashley Kontor